growing up mommy (pt. 2)

…a continuation of growing up mommy (pt. 1)

It seems funny to me, but as I write this, I’m sitting in the airport waiting for our oldest to arrive.  He’s been in Germany for the last two years and eight days.  That’s how long it’s been since I’ve hugged him, kissed him, seen him.  But we’ll get to that in a little while.

Where was I?  Oh yes, Prince Charming came in and swept me off of my feet.  He had three kiddos from a previous marriage.  And you know my thoughts on having kids… not for me. I tried to run at first.  I tried to run far and fast.  He caught me.  This part always makes me smile.  We dated for three months and then he said the words I had been dreading.  I want you to meet my kids.  I guess it was inevitable, I was already head over heels for him and I knew he came with three little munchkins!

Our first meeting...

We went to Chuck E. Cheese.  I pulled up next to his car in the parking lot, not sure I was going to be able to get out, not sure if I was going to be able to stay.  I finally mustered up the courage to open the door and was immediately hit with the sound of chattering kids.  I had already heard all about them.  I walked up and he introduced me to the handsome six and eleven year old boys that could have been his clones and then to the beautiful seven year old girl who could have been mine.  Shocked at the fact that his daughter looked exactly like me, I just stared.  I’d seen pictures, but it still left me stunned.  A little voice grabbed my attention by saying, “You look like me, you’re so pretty.”  We spent the afternoon getting to know each other.  At the time, I didn’t realize how these three and their daddy would change my life.


It started as every other weekend, I guess that’s the norm when you’re divorced and share custody with your ex.  We bought a little condo.  A room for us and a room for them.  The weekends consisted of family outings… the movies, fairs, shopping and dinner.  Family game nights were a favorite.  I really liked “playing house.”  Now remember, I’m the one that NEVER wanted kids.  Yet, this was something I was beginning to enjoy.  I liked having them around. Little did I know, they were going to be around more often.

And it was about to become more permanent...


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