is it worth the risk?

Can we all agree that past events can affect the future?  Things that happen to us when we are young leave wounds.  Some of those wounds turn into scars that never fully heal.  Once the feelings from those events are imprinted on your brain, it will affect the way that you act and react in certain situations.  A past betrayal causes one not to trust.  A past abandonment makes one less likely to open up and allow others to fully know them.  The examples are endless.

Let’s say, you never deal with the past, but move on the best you can.  You manage to have what most would consider a semi-normal life.  You’re happy and you’re getting along pretty well.  Something happens, someone says or does something that brings all your old feelings about the past back to the forefront of your mind.  Should you leave it alone or should you, potentially, jeopardize your present situation by delving into the past?

I honestly don’t know the answer.  I can tell you my choice, I went there.  I went back to all the dark places in my past.  I confronted my demons.  My present and future life has been forever changed.  I can’t say everything is resolved, however, my feelings were made known.  There may be tension and turmoil for some, but I can honestly say I am at peace with the situation.  I used to think I needed an apology from the ones who hurt me in order to get that peace.  Now, I realize I just needed them to know how I felt and I needed to forgive them, even if they didn’t ask for it.  This, I can live with.



3 thoughts on “is it worth the risk?

  1. Such an important message to share! It is scary to become vulnerable, dig back, and face having to close up the wounds again. You have done it and won. That takes a heap of courage. 🙂


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