before and after

The sky is blue, no clouds in sight
A smile on her face and laughter in her eyes.
Special times with her friends around
Every moment her own, she revels in every sound.
Taking joy in the small things and not a care in the world
She's your average, happy teenage girl.

One day she wakes up and thinks she's in love
And her whole life changes...

The sky has turned black and the storm clouds are grey
No smile on her face, it's been gone for days.
Her friends tried to help so he pushed them away
She constantly worries, afraid of what she might say.
More afraid of his reaction than anything else,
She keeps her mouth shut and loses another piece of herself.

2 thoughts on “before and after

  1. This is so painful and I hope it doesn’t cut too close to reality for anyone in your immediate world. It shouldn’t be anything more than a warning story for anyone but it’s a tragedy that for some, it becomes very much real. Finding voices like this that capture it to the very heart can help those who can’t speak. And strong mama bears are also a must!


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