tv in the eighties

via Daily Prompt: Vice

Today’s prompt took me in a completely different direction than I would have thought.  Vice led to Miami Vice and that led to television shows in the eighties.

Show of hands, how many of you grew up in the eighties??  What was your favorite television show?  I can remember watching shows like Alf, Growing Pains, The Wonder Years and The A-Team.

But, Miami Vice was one of my favorites.  I guess, being a kid back then, I didn’t realize how serious the show was.  Back in the eighties, the time when the cocaine craze was taking place, a lot of the episodes focused on two Miami cops solving cases involving drugs and murder.  Of course, it was just entertainment, right?!  The main hype was the eye candy in the form of Don Johnson’s character, the “stylish” clothes worn by the duo and the upbeat soundtrack of the show.  Every episode involved a bad guy, an action-packed hour of Crockett and Tubbs chasing them down, and they always got their man!

Today was a good day, a lot of reminiscing about the good things of the past.  Honestly, there’s not much good I remember from back in those days, maybe that’s why I can remember the shows I liked.  They were always a good escape from reality.




2 thoughts on “tv in the eighties

  1. Not an 80s kid but I did watch Wonder Years on TV Land along with I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Three’s Company, and the Brady Bunch. Cheers was on too but I think it was a bit too before my time to appreciate. Hahah. And iono, but with a better fitting blazer I think Don Johnson’s look could be great for summer!


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