growing up mommy (pt. 6)

a continuation of growing up mommy (pt. 5)…

The girl child…

My daughter looks just like me.  When she was little, she’d always joke with me by saying, “Are you sure you didn’t birth me?”  It wasn’t just her looks that befuddled me, she reminded me so much of myself as a child.  We first met when she was seven years old.  She wasn’t a very shy child, but she was always more comfortable around adults.  She didn’t seem to “fit in” with little girls her age.  If we went to a school event, she’d rather walk around with me and her father than her classmates.  This used to annoy my husband to no end.  In fifth grade, she was on the patrols and she seemed to expand her circle of friends just a little.  At the end of the year, they took the annual trip to Washington, as all school patrols do.  My husband chaperoned her trip.  He made a point to spend daddy/daughter time with her during the trip, however, he also made a point to force her to spend some alone time with the other girls.  This was one of the best decisions he’d made for her.  My daughter came back from that trip a completely different little girl.

A social butterfly is born…

She began to spread her wings.  Our girl child flew the cocoon and became Ms. Social Butterfly.  She made friends wherever she went and she was always on the go.  We couldn’t keep her still.  She never met a stranger and would help anyone that needed it.  She loves people.  It doesn’t surprise me that now, ten years later, she’s in college majoring in Biology.  She wants to be a doctor.  My little “mini-me” has transformed from a quiet introvert into a blossoming extrovert with the purest of hearts.

It wasn’t all rainbows and glitter…

That pure heart was a bit guarded when it came to one person.  Our little girl struggled a lot with feelings regarding her biological mother.  I can recall plenty of nights of holding her while she cried.  She often wondered what she did wrong and why her mom didn’t love her.  It broke my heart.  I know that as she became older, we were able to convince her that none of this was her fault and her mom did love her.  She just didn’t know how to show it.  The two of them never had what you would call a normal mother/daughter bond.  They just weren’t as close as they should have been.  After her parents divorce, it just got harder and harder for our baby girl to try to form any kind of bond with her bio mom.  She felt abandoned.

Every little girl needs her momma…

When she first moved in with us, she followed me everywhere.  Honestly, I couldn’t go to the bathroom without her standing or sitting by the door waiting for me.  At first, I thought it was cute and I’ll admit, I liked how much she needed me.  But then, I realized it wasn’t just a need.  She was afraid.  Afraid that I, too, would leave her at any given moment.  I needed to show her that she had nothing to fear.  Needless to say, ten years later, it’s been a great success.  As I stated, my little mini-me is just moved into her college dorm and is working towards becoming a doctor.  It was hard to let her go, but thankfully, she chose a college very close to home.  I have no doubt that she’s going to be an amazing student and an amazing doctor…  after all, she’s the most amazing daughter!

She is my daughter…






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