She knew she had to do it.  She was going to break the heart of the only man she ever loved.  She tried to deny it for so long, but yes, she absolutely loved him.  She loved him with everything she was and all that she had.

As she walked into the park, she could see other couples already sitting on blankets. They were all gathered to watched the eclipse.  As she walked through the sea of people, she glanced at each pair, wondering if they were happy.  She wondered if they were in love. She wondered if one was hiding secrets from the other.

Finally, she saw him.  He was sitting on a plaid blanket, staring up at the sky.  After a moment, he glanced down at his watch and she knew she was late.  Remembering why she was late, her eyes filled with tears.  She almost didn’t make it at all, she almost convinced herself to leave without telling him goodbye, almost.  But she knew he deserved to hear the truth and she knew she needed to see him one more time.

The devastating truth of who she was and what she had done was going to break his heart, but she knew she had to do it.



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