the plan

via Daily Prompt: Twinkle

It was time to put her plan into motion. She knew he wouldn’t want to see her.  After everything that had taken place, she would be the last person he wanted to see, he’d be afraid to face her.  So, she focused on her sister instead.  She could talk her sister into seeing her.  She’d choke on the words, but she’d force herself to say I’m sorry.  She laughed at the thought.  She was sorry?!  She did nothing wrong.  They were the ones who were twisted!  Focus!  She told herself.  She was getting off track, it was time to rein in her thoughts and focus on the task at hand.  She didn’t need petty feelings getting in the way and distracting her from her goal.  She checked herself in the mirror one last time and marveled at the fact that she and her sister looked so much alike.  She assumed he thought they were interchangeable.  She knew she had to hide her scorn in order for this to work.  With a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye, she set out to start phase one of her plan.


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