to text or not to text

via Daily Prompt: Or

She wasn’t quite sure what she would say. She wasn’t even sure her “friend” would accept her invite. After all, they’ve had this same talk over and over again for months. But, in order to save the friendship, she would take the risk. It was a fast friendship, right from the start. They did everything together, they were like family. How did it go so wrong? Did they just drift apart? Lack of communication, fear of honesty; she wasn’t sure there was a specific answer, but the one thing she did know; she wanted to fix it. She missed her friend. The fear of rejection weighed heavily on her heart. She looked down at her phone once again, stared at the text message she had typed but had yet to send. “Do you have plans for tonight?” What kind of response would she get? She closed her eyes, prayed, took a deep breath and hit send.


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