your love is a myth

Your choices have destroyed
your actions have maimed
the lack of caring you've shown
for those I will not name.
You've hurt so many
And you don't seem to care
You cry and exclaim
That life is not fair.
You've done this to yourself
There's no one else to blame
You chose to become this person
and things will never be the same.
You said you were willing
You said you would try
I actually believed you
But it was just another lie.
I can't help you anymore
There's nothing else that I can do
I've given all I have to give
And the rest was up to you.
I know see it for what it was
Everything done in vain
I have to walk away
In order to stay sane.
I know this will hurt you
and that is not my intent
you know my reasons
and where my time must be spent.
I will always put them first
They come even before me
anyone would understand
That's the way it's supposed to be.
You once said you didn't want to hurt them
Any more than you already had
That statement earned my respect
And at the same time made me sad.
You know what's best for them
and I hope you'll do what's right
I'll continue to pray for you
Each and every night.

via Daily Prompt: Mythical


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