like mother, like daughter

My baby girl is in her second year of college and taking her first poetry class. This is her first assignment…

To An Awful Gardener And An Even Worse Storm
She was a raging hurricane
One that causes the most destruction and leaves behind the most debris
The kind of storm that creates wreckage strong enough to take out whole cities
Her debris always made its way into my city, my home, my heart
But in my heart she tore away at the ground and uprooted the flowers she once tried to nurture
when I was born
She planted daisies and roses but she never came back to water them, letting them grow weak
and die
Summer is the prime time for storms, hurricanes in particular
This is when she would show up
She would drop in, seeming calm and peaceful, only to crash and burn, leaving a path of rubble
so long you couldn’t see where it began
Perhaps this is why Spring is my favorite season
Spring is months following hurricane season
Leaving time to heal, after making it through the eye of the storm
Fall left time to put back together what little pieces I had left
Then comes spring
Bursting with life and growth, restarting rather than rebuilding
I then remember during this time that with the destruction of one thing coms the birth of
something new
In spring time, I plant new flowers
I watch as they blossom and bloom,
Like a rainbow after a thunderstorm
I am then reminded that the rainbow was once given as a sign to remember we would never be
flooded again

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