Who Put the Wicked in Wicked Stepmother?

Lady Tremaine is probably one of the most well-known fairy tale characters of all time. Perhaps you know her better as Cinderella’s wicked stepmother.


We all know how she earned that title. She ordered her stepdaughter around daily and Cinderella knew there would be consequences should she choose to disobey. She was terrible to Cinderella, she was wicked and therefore, very deserving of the title she was given.

Not all stepmothers are like Lady Tremaine.92fcb636f8e9d1a4e7ade24f644dd0e4--evil-stepmother-step-parenting

There are some awesome stepmoms out there and they seem to get a bad wrap right from the get-to! They’re actually called wicked or evil or stepmonster. The good ones; well they have to overcome a stereotype that’s been going on for generations. And why? Because there’s bad blood between the biological mom and her ex? Because there’s jealousy and anger and bitterness between the bio and the step? Could it be that there are some stepmoms out there that are wicked and evil and stepmonsters? I’m sure it’s a combination of all of these things and then some; and it’s sad that parenting has come down to the feelings of the adults instead of the well-being of the children.


As a mom who didn’t give birth to her children, I would ask this of all ‘step’ moms; love them like they’re your own. You’ve been entrusted with an invaluable gift, a blessing from God. Your husband chose you to be a caregiver and protector of the people he treasures the most, his children. Once you say I do, his children become your children. Always love and treat them as such.

To the biological moms that automatically think another woman’s going to take your kids away, I ask you to rest easy. Don’t let fear and insecurity lead you to make snap judgments. Know that your child loving your ex’s new wife is a good thing, it doesn’t mean that they love you any less. Be thankful that there’s someone that loves your children as much as you do.

Co-parenting can be difficult for the best of people. If you put the needs of the children before the feelings of the adults, it becomes much easier.



2 thoughts on “Who Put the Wicked in Wicked Stepmother?

  1. Your strong ‘mama bear’ mentality has always been the one thing that sticks out the most when I think of you. I think great mothers are great mothers no matter what, and the children of great mothers know that. Plus, I never knew the wicked stepmother even had a name, so thanks for teaching me that! Hahah.


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