To Speak Or…

I have this friend, she’s pretty amazing. I truly admire her, but I’d never tell her to her face. Not that she doesn’t deserve to know what I think of her, but because it would just embarrass her. This friend, she’s an awesome mom and wife; she’s a great daughter and sister. She’s just an all around wonderful person. But what I admire about her most is her penchant for speaking her mind. I truly believe this is a gift she possesses and I feel I must learn from her! Ha ha! Honestly, I’ve picked up a trick or two from this friend already, but I know there’s much more to learn.


I used to be shy, but I’ve come out of my shell quite a bit. I used to be scared to speak up, but I found my voice. It just takes me a little while to, uh, well… get comfortable with what I need to say. Who am I kidding, it takes me a while because I have to over analyze and over think every situation. I have to go over my words in my mind before I actually allow them to come out of my mouth. Then, after so much time has passed, I am not even sure that it’s worth speaking up after all.

But, like I said, I’m much better than I used to be. It seems the more passionate I am about the subject, the more likely I am to ‘speak before I think.’  I don’t know if that is necessarily a good thing, but it definitely seems to be accurate in most situations. And, truthfully, things do usually turn out for the best in those instances.

speak your mind

So, to think or not to think, that is the question! I’m just not one hundred percent sure what the correct answer is. I think, maybe, I should try to find a balance between emotionally blurting out my thoughts and feelings and overthinking, which usually leads to talking myself out of saying anything at all.

I have plenty to say. I have thoughts and opinions that matter. The most important thing to me is to be able to verbally articulate my thoughts and feelings. This means enough to me to try to find a way to make people listen to what I have to say. This may not be an easy process, but it’s definitely worth working on.

I’ve finally faced the fact that I am a work in progress. I look back at the past and realize how far I’ve come and then I look at the present and realize I still have a long way to go! I know I’ll get there… one day.







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